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Let our free donation software transform your giving. Generosity is designed for the dynamic needs of today's churches and charities. Our robust solution supports multiple giving methods – from online transactions and text donations to traditional checks and kiosk offerings. With Generosity's intelligent transaction technology, enhance your fundraising efforts and deepen engagement without any cost

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Interactive dashboard of free church donation software showing real-time donation tracking and financial management tools.

Our Passion

At the heart of Generosity lies a deep-rooted belief that passionate individuals have the power to create positive change in the world. This belief fuels our mission. We're dedicated to empowering these changemakers in the non-profit sector, not just with innovative software solutions, but with a particular focus on financial stability. Our free donation software is designed to eliminate financial barriers, enabling non-profit churches, and charities of all sizes to leverage cutting-edge technology for better management and increased impact.

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Benefits From Using Our Free Donation Software

  • Get your Donations Faster
  • Increase your Giving
  • Build a loyal donor base


Icon showing a mobile device with a crossed-out circle, representing the eliminate fees feature in our church donation software.

What Our Free Donation Software Eliminates

  • Eliminate expensive hardware fees
  • Eliminate sign up fees
  • Eliminate processing fees with donor paid transactions


Does your current giving solution fall into any of the following categories?

  • Not scalable?
  • Too expensive?
  • Does not increase growth and giving?
  • Offers no real value to your organization?
  • Wastes man hours?

Embrace advanced analytics, tracking, and simple data exporting

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Free Donation Software Packed With Features

• Easy To Use
• Next Day Funding
• Recurring Donation
• QR Code Generation
• Donor Data Tracking
• Donor Paid Transaction Costs
• Customizable Donation Reporting
• Customizable Banner

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