We are a team of professionals with the power to make a difference in the Church and Non-Profit industry

We are at the forefront of technology, offering fresh minds to an industry that desperately needs to be on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving growth of electronic payments.

Our solution applies intelligent transactional technology to build your revenue and enhance your giving experience. Generosity makes it easy for you to create your own branded giving page and target your market.

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About Generosity

Our Passion

At our core, we believe that passionate people can make the world a better place. It is our purpose to support those passionate people in the non-profit sector through innovative software management and cost-cutting initiatives.

Larry Roberts CEO Generosity


Larry W. Roberts II

We Stand Behind Our Product

As the CEO, I stand by our passion to meet the needs of your organization. I invite all existing customers to contact me at any time on any issue below:

  • Understanding how Generosity's software aligns with your organization's needs
  • Selecting the best Generosity solution package
  • Identifying additional software functionality specific to your organization
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Finally, a Donation Platform with

Donor Paid Fees

Functional Donation Data

Next Day Funding

We innovate together

Our clients' suggestions help us develop products that best serve their business needs.
Generosity's continual technology releases and new initiatives give our customers a competitive advantage.

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