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We understand at times change can be difficult, especially when leaving an existing software/system
that you've grown accustomed to using. With Generosity, our software is easy to use, and we will help walk you
through the process. The intuitive platform and abundant resources Generosity provides will make your transition seamless.

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How to start with Generosity

Evolve to a mobile-first world

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Donor Management Solution | Generosity

Don’t put off the idea of Online Giving!

Simplify the current model of giving in your church or charitable organization

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Understanding the Paper Check

Hidden fees are in the strangest places

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Our PCI validated encryption and tokenization solutions, we have made your non-profit and its member’s data more secure than ever. In fact, our tokenized iframe ensures that clear text data (credit card number) never travels through a system or network where it could be accessed or captured in a data breach or hack.

We are a multiplatform giving solution with all of your needs ready to be met.

  • Mobile – Any member of your non-profit can give from any mobile device.
  • PC/Laptop – Your customized giving page can be accessed by the internet on any computer from around the world for easy donations.
  • Text – Our give-by-text options are one of the fastest giving solutions on the market.
  • Kiosk – Partnering with clover we are releasing a member-facing kiosk solution that looks good and inexpensive.
  • Electronic Check Processing – If you still must accept checks we have an efficient and easy solution to process them.
  • DEBIT – We are one of the very few platforms that offer a KIOSK with true PIN/DEBIT transactions for your in-person giving.
  • ACH – Smart ACH with Recurring options are ready for you to receive donations.

Yes! Before a transaction is finalized the giver has the option to choose between email or text to receive a receipt.

While individuals and corporations can give through our software from all over the world, with some regional restrictions…as a payments platform we only serve non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada.


While refunds can be uncommon in the non-profit sector, compared to other industries: In the rare case, you may need to issue a refund we have made this as simple as a click of a button from your transactions page.

Finally, a Donation Platform with

Donor Paid Fees

Functional Donation Data

Next Day Funding

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Providing continual technology releases and new initiatives gives our customers a competitive advantage.

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