Your strategy moving forward with Generosity

Setting up with Generosity is done in 2 easy steps.

Schedule a demo

Schedule your free consultation to explore how Generosity can promote donations while simultaneously saving your organization money.

Select a plan

Allow us to help you select the perfect plan to maximize your giving growth.

Your first steps to implementing the Generosity payment platform.

Generosity has you covered when it comes to training and setup. Too many churches and charities are left on their own trying to figure out how to best utilize their new software. From the moment you begin with Generosity, our team will guide you in learning how the platform can best meet all of your organization’s individual needs.  As your church or charity grows, we are there to help implement new Generosity solutions and strategies along your journey. Our Generosity team is committed to supporting you every step of the way.  We are here to help with:

  1. Determining when and how you would like to inform your member base is the first step to getting started.
  2. Navigating successful setup with the availability of samples, video tutorials, and email support.
  3. Generosity coaching is always available upon request.

Once you are off on the right foot, we help you stay there!

  • Analyze donation amount and card types to verify you are in the correct program and pricing
  • Create donation strategies to help grow
  • Whether you are using giving by text, QR codes, or contactless payments, we are here to guide your church or organization through capital campaign events and seasonal changes.

Once setup:

We will help you track the following Metrics:

  1. Total Online Revenue
  2. Donor Acquisition
  3. Average Donation Size
  4. Donor Retention
  5. Trend Preparation

Finally, a Donation Platform with

Donor Paid Fees

Functional Donation Data

Next Day Funding

We innovate together

Our clients' suggestions help us develop products that best serve their business needs.
Providing continual technology releases and new initiatives gives our customers a competitive advantage.

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